Our Approach

Traditional community development tends to take a fragmented approach to solving issues within the sectors of economic development, urban design, affordable housing, public health, and education.  At Urbane, we believe that community development should leverage cross-sector efficiencies to create high impact private and public sector solutions. 

We provide our clients with market intelligence and analytics, customized program development, and technical assistance platforms that create value for their enterprises and communities. Our services are organized along a continuum of planning, design, implementation and evaluation – with the ultimate goal of helping clients get from point A to point B with the greatest efficiency, effectiveness, and impact. 

Areas of Focus

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  • Community Anchors and Infrastructure Development and Asset Management Strategy, Program Design and Implementation, Pro Forma Development, Tenant Attraction and Technical Assistance, LP Capital Attraction
  • Public Housing Enterprise Incubation and Acceleration, Workforce Pipeline Formation, Alternative Credit Building, Tenant Engagement
  • Informal Economy Data Capture and Analysis, Data Visualization, Small Business Storytelling, Interactive Microsite Development
  • Community Wealth Building Impact Investing, Community REIT, Community Wealth Management Centers


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Place Based Investment 

Urbane Development is a community development venture and certified MBE based in New York City. Founded in 2008, Urbane cultivates innovative solutions to build dynamic neighborhoods and positively impact underserved communities. Urbane leverages the advantages of for-profit enterprise for community benefit by focusing on strategies that generate wealth and resource capacity for communities. Able goods and services in dynamic, diverse, but underserved communities.


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