Jennifer Flores

Senior Project Manager

Jennifer Flores

Jennifer Flores is an urbanist specializing in bottom-up development through community engagement and the “Place It” method, a civic engagement practice curated by James Rojas. She has an extensive background in affordable housing, barrio urbanism, and zoning.

Driven by her desire to ensure that marginalized communities are provided with the necessary resources to live a healthy, successful life, she employs her knowledge of discriminatory policies and experience with community-led designing as a Lead Engagement Specialist with Urbane. In her position at Urbane, Jennifer works with various stakeholders and community partners in order to ensure that residents' wants and needs are being advocated for during the redevelopment process.

Prior to joining Urbane, Jennifer worked with Habitat for Humanity as a Financial and Community Empowerment Specialist for the Southwood Redevelopment project in Charlottesville, VA. There she worked with residents on redevelopment and rezoning workshops and led them through their homebuyer education journey.

Jennifer holds a B.A in Global Development and American Studies from American University.