Joel Oporta

Lead Engagement Specialist

Joel Oporta

Joel Oporta is a community engagement specialist enthusiastic about community development through collaboration, problem-solving, design, and engagement.

Mr. Oporta is passionate about increasing community resources and opportunities that lead to economic development and wealth generation, especially for East Brooklyn where Mr. Oporta has been a lifetime resident. 

Mr. Oporta previously led the study commissioned by New York City’s Small Business Services to conduct a district needs assessment to inventory the businesses in the district and highlight business owners’ complaints and concerns, with the analysis of Atlantic Avenue and the East Brooklyn BID providing an opportunity to bridge the gap between the local business owners and public resources. Business owners were interviewed in order to identify needs and issues facing the business owners such as but not limited to visibility, lack of capital, and city ordinances. The study also worked on identifying government agencies and community-based organizations to make appropriate referrals based on the needs of the business community.

Mr. Oporta also oversaw the development, implementation, and management of the Housing Readiness program at the Local Development Corporation of East New York. The program partnered with New York City Housing Preservation and Development as a Housing Ambassador to inform community residents of the affordable housing available through Housing Connect and assisted with creating profiles on the online platform and helped submit applications. The program was effective in assisting 600+ residents in neighborhoods across East Brooklyn in submitting applications and the program also partnered with developers to conduct seminars with the local community boards and houses of worships to inform residents of upcoming projects.