Natalie Romero

Lead Engagement Specialist

Natalie Romero

Natalie Romero (she/they) is an artist and educator deeply dedicated to fostering long-term, sustainable solutions that enhance the health and wellness of communities.

As a Lead Engagement Specialist, Natalie employs a place-based development approach to drive the social and economic growth of local communities. Rooted in integrity and a commitment to diversity, she centers her work on creating positive, lasting impacts that resonate with the unique needs of each community.

In her previous role as a trainer for the Posse Arts + Puerto Rico programs, Natalie demonstrated her proficiency in managing the recruitment, training, and support of college-bound high schoolers. As a regional coordinator, she played a crucial role in organizing and preparing communities for public speaking on issues like voter's rights, local jail and school board shifts, and zoning for state and local campaigns. As a board member at the Charlottesville Immigrant Freedom Fund, Natalie contributed to the transformation of local policies to aid immigrants and farmworkers. Drawing from over 5 years of experience in developing and administering youth curriculum, she emphasizes trauma-informed community care and artistic expression to strengthen community power.

Natalie's journey is marked by a unique blend of activism and academic excellence. Having studied Global Development and Sociology at the University of Virginia, her focus on U.S intervention in the Americas and its impact on public health reflects a commitment to understanding and addressing societal issues at their roots. This academic foundation, coupled with her passion for the arts, shapes Natalie's approach to community building, infusing creativity and compassion into her endeavors.